Textile Warehouse - Designer Furnishing and Dressmaking Fabrics

Sample Information

Ordering fabric online can have its challenges. There is no substitute for feeling the fabric before you buy it. This is why we offer a sample service. 

Sample Size

Our samples are not a specific size. They are cut in a way to allow each customer to get the best feel for the fabric, depending on its type, colour and design. However, your sample will not be smaller than 10cm by 10cm.  

Our samples of trim and braids will be a minimum length of 8cm.

Sample Price

We charge £1 for each sample. Unfortunately samples are non-returnable and non-refundable. 

Sample Shipping

There will be no postage fee at the checkout, select the option "sample shipping". Your samples will be sent by Royal Mail first class.

If you are also purchasing other items that are not samples, your samples will be shipped in the same package under the terms of your selected delivery.

Why Buy a Sample?

We recommend that you purchase a sample before buying any quantities of fabric. The majority of our fabrics are sold as a cut length and are therefore a bespoke item and are non-returnable.