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Visiting our Warehouse

Off the beaten track but a wonderful discovery.

We are not like any ordinary shop. We are a warehouse shop that invites our customers to freely browse the shelves with or without the help of our staff. To help make your visit as successful as possible we have listed a couple of simple steps that outline the usual shopping experience. 

Step 1

Assessing Your Fabric Requirements

Guide : Measure CurtainsGuide : Measure Blinds

You may prefer to engage a curtain maker to come and visit your home to take measurements before you come and select your fabric. However if you are using our bespoke making services or are making your own curtains it is beneficial to take preliminary measurements before you visit so that our friendly staff can help to calculate exactly how much fabric you may need. 

Step 2

Finding Your Fabric

Tour : View Our Exstensive Warehouse

Come into our Macclesfield warehouse to browse the thousands of fabrics we have in stock. It always helps if you can bring inspirational materials to aid your search such as wall covering, carpet colours, clippings from magazines, cushions from your sofa, or even tiles.

Step 3

Viewing Your Favourites Side-By-Side

Picture : Hanging Selection

Our staff are always happy to pull out any rolls of fabric and hang them side-by-side so that you have a direct comparison. Even if there is only one fabric you like we still recommend you see it hanging up to visualise more accurately what the finished may look like. 

Step 4

Finalising Your Order

Video : Cutting Your Fabric

Once you have selected your chosen fabric we will discuss your project in more detail to accurately provide any advice and calculate the amount of fabric required. We will then either cut your fabric for you to take away or if you prefer, discuss and organise curtain making using our bespoke making services. 

For More Information regarding the logistics of your visit

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